9 things that make your old washing machine envious with the most modern

More than 100 years have passed since the first electric washing machine was invented, and more than half a century since the first automatic washing machines. It could be argued that, after so many years, washing machines have not changed that much: total, they are still a drum with soapy water that goes around.

And it is true that its essence has not changed, but thanks to technology, now the most modern washing machines can do things that our old washing machines can only envy.

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1. Be the fastest in the west

“We can not go out yet, we have to wait for the washing machine to finish” is a phrase that you have heard or pronounced yourself more than once. And is that those eternal washing cycles have you in suspense for hours to avoid that then the clothes smell bad for not laying it.

With Samsung’s QuickDrive ™ technology, the back plate rotates independently , achieving greater water movement than conventional drums, which

it ensures a fast and deep wash while protecting the tissues. It promises castings in half the time and with an energy saving of 20%.

2. To be able to wash that sock that you have forgotten in the basket

Because we all forget something to put in the washing machine : an unpaired sock, the shirt that you took off last night and is on the floor of the room, or that shirt that had a stain but left hanging in the closet “for the next washing machine “

With Samsung’s AddWash ™ that’s no longer a problem, because thanks to its small additional door, you can add virtually any garment to your washing machine even if the wash cycle has started.

3. Have WiFi

Can you imagine not having WiFi at home and not being able to connect to the internet? What a nightmare, no?

Well, that’s how our old washing machines feel, that they can not connect to the internet like Samsung washing machines with SmartThings ™ to recommend the right cycle for your clothes, ask yourself what time you want the laundry to be ready or warn you that it’s time to make a drum wash cycle.

4. Be smart

A bit like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz, who wants to have a heart, our old washing machines would want to have smart sensors and the ability to automatically calculate the cycle length and the amount of detergent , softener and water depending on the number of clothes and their level of dirt, as do the Samsung washing machines with autodosificador.

5. Having bubbles like a Jacuzzi

What is the taste of bubbles in a jacuzzi or spa, right? Something like that feels our clothes with Samsung’s EcoBubble ™ technology, with which excellent results are achieved even in cold water, as these bubbles accelerate the activation of the detergent and penetrate the tissues faster.

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6. Power with all the laundry

That raise the hand who has spent a “weekend” putting one washing machine after another because it did not fit all in one. And is that the old washing machines rarely exceed five kilos capacity, and that gives for very little clothing.

Samsung QuickDrive washing machines offer up to twice the capacity , which, combined with its faster washing speed, allows twice as many clothes to be washed in half the time. Recover your weekends!

7. Be silent like a ninja

It may seem a triviality, but behind the silence of the washing machines of last generation there is a lot of technology .

In the case of Samsung washing machines, its VRT-M and VRT-Plus technology allows a silent wash thanks to its intelligent sensor balancing the movement of the drum and the counterweight of its bearings.

No more naps frustrated by untimely centrifugation or not being able to put the washing machine when arriving late from work so as not to disturb the neighbors.

8. Steam

It is not that they return to the steam like ships or old trains, but that the new Samsung QuickDrive washing machines incorporate this function that allows a greater cleaning without germs, eliminating bacteria and allergens .

9. Be eternal (or at least, last a long time)

It is always said that “they do not do things the way they used to”, but the truth is that the old washing machines did not offer a 10 year warranty on the engine like Samsung’s washing machines with Digital Inverter motor .

Unlike traditional engines, these engines work with magnets, which means less friction and noise, greater efficiency and, in the long run, less wear and a longer life.

Long live your new washing machine!