Advantages of sports cameras on smartphones

`Action or sports cameras lived an explosion years ago that is hardly going to repeat, little by little they have been stabilizing in their sales to stay in what they are, a dedicated device that does not pretend to compete with other cameras or phones. Of course, doing things in your field are the best option.

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The reality is that dozens of manufacturers appeared when the action camera market flourished, but the germ is due to the GoPro guys and evolution has also been marked by their Hero cameras. Practically every year we discover a new family of models that improves everything from the previous ones, while trying to ensure that accessories can still be valid.

This season the new GoPro line has three models: HERO7 Black, Silver and White . Black is the most powerful and is the one that introduces the main novelties. With the other two options, price and specification steps are created.

It is understandable that many potential buyers of action cameras doubt and compare specifications with those of a next-generation phone , capable of recording many images per second and 4K resolution. For this we are going to know five advantages of the sports cameras that make them unbeatable:

1. The resistance

Do not mix churras with merinos, an action camera is, obviously, a less versatile element than a telephone, but it is also an ideal device in certain situations. The main difference is in the resistance, as much as a phone is, its shape and screen size make it much more delicate than the compact action camera .

It seems clear that the specialty of a sports camera is to record high quality images and video with the smallest and most resistant format possible. Try to protect your mobile phone as much as possible, you will not find a way to create a set as useful as an action camera.

2. The angular vision

Actually there is not much difference in the recording modes or the perceived quality between mobile and action cameras, and that is that the processors and sensors are very similar. The real difference in the look of the images is set by the objectives.

An action camera is much more angular than any other camera. A phone is designed to capture scenes similar to those seen by the human eye, while the sports camera opts for a more exaggerated point of view, with an angle of vision that can be double: 150 degrees.

This vision gives a spectacular point to our video recordings, something that can not be replicated in phones with adapters, and if it is achieved it is based on adding elements that reduce resistance and portability.

In the photo modes it can be more complicated to get shots usable with such an angular lens, so the action cameras incorporate ways to subtract viewing angle and get a look more like a normal camera.

3. The batteries

If we go on adventures – or travel – with a camera, the safest thing is that autonomy is a crucial factor. Some quality action cameras have replaceable batteries, so it is a matter of investing in units so that lack of energy is not a problem.

Obviously being a device that only records videos or takes photos does not consume energy in anything else. In the new line Hero7 is the Black model that has the ability to change the batteries .

4. The size

The compact format not only makes them resistant, it also makes them an ideal device to place anywhere , hence their usefulness in sports recordings. There are many accessories and ways to anchor this type of cameras to different surfaces: helmets, bikes, cars, drones, etc.

With such a size and weight we can find stories like this eagle sailing through the skies of Dubai. Obviously this could not have been done with a mobile phone.

Related image5. The price

Is an action camera expensive? It depends on the model and brand, but we can say that for a high-quality option we will be spending half as much as a high-end mobile phone . The new line GoPro Hero 7 is staggered in the following way: 429 euros for the Black model , 330 euros for the Silver and 219 euros for White .

If we are clear that what we want is to record action, we can invest in a couple of cameras better than in another type of device. Also, if we lose one in our adventure, we will not lose information as important as the one we carry on the phone, this is simply a camera.

An action camera as a vacation camera?

It depends on the type of trip you are going to make. If the important thing is the quality of photography, possibly an action camera is not the best option, mainly because of its very angular lens. If that’s not a problem, the GoPro Hero7 Black can record in 12-megapixel RAW format. The lower models have a 10 megapixel sensor.

If the video is more important, we are going to submit it to complicated situations and we want a comfortable camera to carry, an action camera can be an alternative. All the new GoPro are submersible without housing.

If we talk about recording quality, Black takes the cake with the possibility of recording 60 images per second in 4K resolution.   Silver dares with the same resolution but halves the rate of images.

We are sure that with them you can get different shots, more fun. In slow motion we have to highlight the mode of 240 images per second and 1080p resolution that is capable of registering the Black model.

We must also positively assess the stabilization systems that they integrate, which is very good for recording shots in motion. The new GoPro in its Black version launches a new electronic image stabilization system called HyperSmooth , which is present even in 4K recording modes. It is worth knowing in movement:

The new GoPro Hero 7

We hope you have known better the advantages of an action camera, it was not our intention to place one device ahead of another. It is clear that a phone is much more versatile and its photo quality will surely be better thanks to the software and system of several cameras that are being implemented.

But we would not think of a telephone for risky activities in which resistance is required. As we have already commented, the internal technology between the different cameras is not so different, but the specialization of devices like GoPro is well worth your choice.

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This is the HERO7 Black , the most advanced GoPro of all time. It stands out for its 12 megapixel sensor capable of recording a 4K video as stable as if you were wearing a Gimball, it is also waterproof without the need for a casing and we can control it directly with the voice.