GPS with real-time traffic and maps for a lifetime that helps you get there faster

Car navigators have seen how smartphones and tablets with navigation apps begin to capture the interest of users who want to integrate a GPS system in their car. At first it may seem like a perfect solution, but do not forget that dedicated browsers have skills that mobile phones can not develop .

The TomTom Go 5100 is a very good example of the possibilities offered, being one of the most advanced models within the range of TomTom browsers, with a well-built hardware and software and services to which little more can be done. ask, as we will see later.

Mobiles and tablets can be alternatives for navigation systems, but always observe some precautions . We can not forget that driving has to be a task that we do without distractions, and without there being anything that deviates our attention from the road. Mobile phones and tablets, when used as a navigation system, can cause us to pay attention to unforeseen events.

For example, heat is an enemy of these devices, and the incidence of the sun can cause the device to crash , not to mention the degradation of the battery if the temperature rises excessively. So you have to look for a location away from the sun, or have the air conditioning to the maximum.

In addition, the screens of the mobiles are not always large or precise to handle the interface of a navigation system . Sometimes, yes, and for occasional use they are a solution that deserves to be taken into account, but for regular use, dedicated browsers have many advantages .

TomTom Go 5100, more than just a device

In a changing world like the one we are in, in many cases, it is no longer enough to offer users a device. Connectivity is another variable that takes on a notable importance in products like this. The services that are in charge of updating the maps , information on real-time traffic or the location of radars , are of great value to ensure that driving is carried out in the most efficient and safe way.

The Go 5100 part of a hardware designed to the measure of its functionality . The touch screen of 5 ” is resistant and with a good visibility, and the hardware includes the necessary electronics so that the navigation application works in a fluid and agile way.

It also integrates a GPRS SIM card that provides the necessary connectivity for the traffic information services, synchronization with our account in the MyDrive portal and location of the radars on the road.

As a device, it is robust enough to withstand demanding situations , such as the incidence of the sun or high temperatures, as well as resist occasional blows in case of fall of the support. Along with the GPS, a suction cup holder with magnetic coupling is provided to easily attach the Go 5100 to the holder.

The services of TomTom

An essential ingredient of the Go 5100 is its lifelong integration with TomTom’s navigation services: the cost of GPRS connectivity associated with the SIM that comes with it is covered for life , so you do not have to worry about renewals and the additional payments.

The same applies to the traffic alert and radar position services. Maps for the whole world are also included for life , although those in Europe and Iberia are preloaded in the European version. To load more maps, it will be convenient to install a microSD card with additional memory.

Of special interest is the synchronization of the data with the My Drive portal , where the favorites that we keep, the points of interest, routes and other data that are generated during the use of the Go 5100 will be registered.

We can also use the My Drive portal or the My Drive mobile app to plan routes, add favorites, inform us of traffic and many other tasks related to driving. Everything we do in any of the three devices we use (browser, smartphone or tablet and desktop or laptop) will be synchronized through the cloud.

Using the TomTom Go 5100 browser

The Go 5100 is a very easy and intuitive device when putting it to work. Thanks to the synchronization with My Drive, it is possible to plan and make changes in the routes from the smartphone or the tablet , as well as combine this interaction with the touch screen of the browser, or even use spoken commands if we activate the option “Voice control” of Go 5100.

The flexibility when calculating journeys and journeys is enormous, with the possibility of filtering from parameters such as speed, highways, tolls, and so on. We can also choose ” exciting routes ” as TomTom calls them, in which roads are chosen with a special aesthetic or fun interest, instead of the long, straight and boring highways

We are listening to the indications in a loud and clear way, as well as the invitations to change routes if there are better proposals for changes in traffic or alerts for works, for example. The possibility of using the voice interface is another added value, although as long as there is no background noise or music that prevents the Go 5100 from “understanding” what we asked or asked.

The installation in the car is not a problem thanks to the suction cup that accompanies the navigator , which also has a magnetic support to fix the GPS. In this way, it is very easy to put and remove the TomTom from its base, but without compromising its stability.

The TomTom Go 5100 does not have much autonomy: in two hours it goes away, so it will be better to have the power cable permanently connected to the navigator. Anyway, we will have room to charge other devices for a couple of hours if during the trip, for example, we end up with the mobile battery.

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The best of both worlds

Connected browsers that include GPRS connectivity technologies offer the best of those smartphones that work as GPS devices and the best of the dedicated GPS itself. Namely, the connectivity with Internet and the cloud , on the one hand; and on the other, robustness and ease of use difficult to match on a smartphone or tablet.

The TomTom Go 5100 does not interfere with driving, especially if we use the voice control interface . And, in addition, it offers real-time data on works, traffic congestions or radars.

For users who habitually use the car and need to know both how to get to a place at 500 km, how to choose the best route to get to work as soon as possible by calculating the route from the traffic incidents, this TomTom navigator is a proposal optimum There is a 6 “model within this category, although its 5” represent a good relationship between size and usability.