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The insertion of GPS in smartphones as well as navigation applications has made life easier for many people when it comes to driving. However, at the moment of truth, if we want to have quality GPS navigation, with more complete information and greater precision , it is best to buy a specific device for it.

One of the companies that leads this sector is TomTom. With many years of experience and several models for all types of users, the Dutch company remains a clear reference in the GPS navigators market . In Technology from you to you we teach you their latest models and news.

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TomTom Go Live 1005, a GPS for the most demanding

If we use GPS intensively and we need a reliable tool that gives us all kinds of information, the Go Live 1005 is what we are looking for. This model has a 5-inch screen and fluid touch technology with which we can use the device very easily and intuitively.

This model also, as the name suggests, includes the Go Live service . A permanent Internet data connection that will inform us of live traffic , with updates every two minutes, will show alternative routes as well as Google searches for local services.

When you buy the GPS TomTom gives us a year of Go Live . If we want to renew it, the subscription is € 50 per year, a reasonable price if we use GPS routinely on our trips or in our work.

TomTom Go Live 825, a versatile GPS

If what we are looking for is a slightly more modest model but with a good number of features, the Go Live 825 is a very interesting model. As the 1005 also has a 5-inch screen, traffic updates every two minutes and Go Live service among other features.

However, 825 does not have fluid touch technology or with some 1005 options, such as the possibility of finding hotels and comparing prices in real time. In any case, the 825 is a model of great quality despite not having as many options as his older brother.

TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition, a GPS for those who love driving

Top Gear is by its own merits one of the best television programs on motor. Made by a great team of professionals, we wanted to put all that experience at the wheel in a GPS with TomTom. The result of this synergy is a special edition that combines the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, we have a 4.3-inch GPS, Go Live service, traffic updates, location of radars … On the other hand, the voice of the charismatic Jeremy Clarkson and different Top Gear points of interest such as circuits and racetracks . In addition, the menu interface has been customized to give it an exclusive and differentiating touch compared to the rest of the TomTom GPS range.

TomTom XL Classic, a GPS of the lifetime

The models that we have seen so far are spectacular. They have many interesting and useful options like the Go Live service. However TomTom does not want to forget those users who want a simpler GPS , with which to simply go from one point to another without getting lost or going around a lot.

If what we are looking for is this type of device, we have the TomTom XL Classic, a 4.3-inch widescreen GPS, simple to use, with traffic radars and with the possibility of indicating our destination by voice. As you can see, it’s simpler but not less effective.

TomTom Value Pack Start 20, a simple but effective GPS

If the XL Classic does not convince us, at El Corte Inglés we have a special pack with the TomTom Start 20. A simple GPS with a 4.3-inch screen, information on radars and advanced assistance that tells us which lane we need to take .

In addition this pack includes a case, a network charger and a screen protector . Ideal for those who are looking for a GPS and do not want to have to buy all the accessories separately.

If you are thinking about buying a TomTom GPS, at El Corte Inglés, until November 21, there is a special promotion that by purchasing any TomTom GPS plus two accessories, you get a free 15 point review for the car at any Workshop of the Automobile of the El Corte Inglés centers.