Make your exit operation easier with your gadgets and applications

August is the month of summer holidays par excellence. Many take advantage of these dates to celebrate the long-awaited days of rest, whether in international or national destinations. If ours is the second case, I’m sure you already know what this implies: the departure operation and their respective trips by car. Many are the tips that give us from the DGT to perform them in the safest and most comfortable way. In addition, guidelines to avoid the dreaded traffic jams.

There are many ways to avoid them: leave early, choose alternative routes or use technology. In that sense, GPS are great not only to guide us to the city, but also to offer us different paths and dodge areas with more cars. Smartphones can also be very useful, for them in Technology you want to teach you how to use all this to your advantage during the output operation.

The GPS, how to go from A to B … by the shortest way

Most of us are familiar with GPS. We get to the car, we sit down, we turn on the equipment, we tell him where we want to go and that’s it. We started driving. GPS always marks the shortest route, although sometimes, as the saying goes, the shortest path between two points is not always a straight line .

Sometimes because of traffic jams we can waste a lot of time on that route that GPS has marked us as the fastest. However, there are some models that already have traffic information to know which way is best for us.

In this way, we can avoid traffic jams and if the GPS detects that there is a problem in the route that was established (jam, portfolio cut by work or an accident) it will warn us and automatically change the way to go for another one that will take less time . Among the available GPS we are left with the TomTom XL and the Nuvi 2200 from Garmin.


Applications for the mobile, the smartphone is our co-pilot

“There is an application for everything.” Although sometimes it sounds like an exaggeration, the truth is that there are applications for almost everything . Driving was not going to be an exception and there are also tools that will help us in our trips, those now on vacation and later on, whatever we are going to do.

With Coyote and our internet connection in the mobile we can see all the traffic information in real time: incidents, traffic jams, accidents and also the possibility of locating the fixed and mobile cameras. All with a simple interface similar to that offered by conventional GPS navigators. The application is available for both Android and iPhone.

Maybe it sounds obvious but when we are on the road we share the journey with thousands of people. What if all the drivers use their mobile to inform in real time what happens? This is what the creators of Waze thought: develop a social network of drivers that would allow navigating and having the most fresh and useful information for everyone, that of those who are driving at that moment. The app, can be downloaded for Android and iPhone for free.

To finish we recommend a very useful application to refuel and find the cheapest gas station around us. With GasBuddy on Android and Eco Gasoline on iPhone , we will be able to locate the most economical reporting centers in a very simple way and thus save a few euros each time we fill the deposit. The two applications are free and include updated information from Spain.

And you? What application or gadget do you use to make traveling by car more comfortable?