Sound systems in the Automobile

Choosing the radio The autoradio is the heart of our sound system in the car, it is the basis of everything since it will be the source of the sound that will be amplified in the future. To start from good wicks, it is essential that you have at least two RCA outputs, one for the amplifier or one line driver and another for the subwoofer. It is highly recommended that the radio has a Hi Pass filter (HPF), to properly distribute the frequencies to the speakers. The Low Pass filter (LPF) is used to control the frequency cut or control of the subwoofer. The third most important characteristic of our car radio is the control of frequencies, so that the equalization has a minimum of guarantees. It is recommended that you have at least three bands, low, medium and high. Finally, and as more trivial issues, assess the other features, such as USB input, display, design, etc.

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Changing the speakers Usually, the speakers that a series car assembles, leave something to be desired for those ears that want to use them for more than just hearing the news and football matches. We will need, therefore, to install four new speakers, to have sound in the front and back. In case of looking for a more enveloping sound, we will choose to add a second pair in the rear area. We will install the tweeeter (small tweeters) and conventional speakers separately in the front area, and in the rear, larger units that include both treble and midrange. As for the power of the speakers, they must be at least four channels assuming that finally we install the same number of speakers. The final quality of our hi-fi system depends to a great extent on this point, so we should not accept less channels.

The amplifier must be in harmony with the four channels of the speakers, and we must ensure that it has a High Pass filter (HPF). The speakers do not support many real watts (RMS) so an amplifier of fifty or seventy five real watts per channel is more than enough, provided that the manufacturer is of proven quality. The subwoofer functions as a bass amplifier, and for the purpose you want for your car sound system, there are different measures and power levels: from listening to the subtler changes of intonation in a Verdi aria, to feeling in the chest vibrations of the most powerful electronic music. As a general rule, a larger diameter subwoofer will reverberate more in our car, even though it has the same power as a smaller diameter subwoofer. The amplifier we choose should have at least the same RMS power as the subwoofer

A powerful team is going to need intensive use of our car’s battery. Although it is not necessary in medium equipment, there are devices designed specifically to safeguard the battery, the so-called “capacitors”. Although they can be an added cost, sudden battery shocks shorten the life of this, and a failure in the electrical system of our car, can cause a breakdown with a considerable cost. It is therefore a good investment to provide a safeguard system, in those cases of intensive use of subwoofer and high-powered speakers. Another aspect, a priori minor, to take into account, is the wiring. The quality of the cable, and the protection by means of fuses, is the best way to make sure that the quality loss suffered by the sound, from the source to the speakers, is minimal. We never have to exchange the cables of the amplifier with those of the speakers, and unless we have a fluid handling with this type of facilities, we have to leave them in the hands of a professional, using this small guide to clear the most basic doubts and demand to that professional what we really need.