Technological Master of Renault

Following the trail marked by other manufacturers and adapting to the new times that run in the old continent with the Bologna plan, the Renault Foundation, and the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Paris have launched the first Master on mobility and electric vehicles.

The master, with a duration of sixteen months, has a first class consisting of thirty students. The objective is that the engineers participating in it can specialize in design and production technologies for future electric vehicles.

This training program consists of four phases. Thus, in the first one and during the first three months, all students will receive a common training on electric mobility.

Subsequently, they will have to specialize and choose specific contents, either on power generation for electric cars, electromechanical conversions, static storage conversions, as well as on matters of architecture and conception of the electric vehicle

Special emphasis will be made in relation to new technologies adapted to the automobile, specified in the engineering of mechanical and electrical systems applied to the electric vehicle.

Once this phase of specialization is completed, students will cover a period of three months in the laboratory. The Master on mobility and electric vehicle culminates with a professional mission in a company, with a duration of six months.

It is undoubtedly a highly recommended option for those university students who wish to focus their career on both new technology and the automobile industry.