The mobile brand that will report traffic through phone!

Through the Nokia Maps 2.0 service and with the help of the largest European motoring network, the ARC Transistance, Nokia intends to develop a traffic information system in real time. The RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) will serve to warn drivers about the traffic on a certain road, the sections under construction and other contingencies that may inconvenience the movement of users.

When Nokia Maps receives updates on the status of roads, the application automatically re-routes the route if the user is using the navigator option while driving, to avoid uncomfortable stretches with traffic jams or slow traffic, and get to the destination sooner.

With this new tool, the Nokia Maps service converts compatible mobile terminals into local maps and browsers for the car, thanks to the thousands of maps and routes that can be downloaded for free from the web.

The Nokia Maps 2.0 beta version is now available on the Nokia beta lab page , for all those customers with the latest generation terminals compatible with this service who want to test the future version. Meanwhile, other users can download the current version directly from the Nokia Maps website.