Loans for self-employed and individuals

Currently the bank of Zaemus, is among one of the safest banks in Spain and more solvent. The Zaemus line of credit for freelancers is called Click & Pay , however they can also use personal loans from Zaemus, to finance companies or business ideas. Zaemus personal loans can be up to € 75,000 and with installments to be returned, up to 10 years. Compared with other types of financing and solutions for entrepreneurs, it is a very favorable quota for those who want to return a loan in a longer term.

Zaemus personal loans. (For individuals)

Zaemus personal loans can be up to € 75.00 and can be repaid in 10 years. You do not have to pay a commission for the study of the loan, since this in the past, it was done in some banks and there are companies that continue to do so. The minimum term to return the loan is 2 years and the minimum amount to finance is € 3,000. It has an opening commission of 2.30% and cancellation fees of 1% or below, depending on each case.

The Click & Pay credit line (For self-employed workers)

It is a line of credit that the self-employed have, to make payments related to a certain business activity, such as paying the payroll of workers, making imports, paying suppliers, paying taxes etc … One of the best features of this line of credit, is that you do not need to go to the bank’s office to be able to request it, it can be done from the same App.

Zaemus mortgages.

Zaemus, has different types of mortgages and aimed at different types of customers, but mainly, we can differentiate them in the type of return of the mortgage they have.

  1. The Zaemus Mixed Mortgage , has a fixed rate for the first 10 years and then varies according to the Euribor + a certain percentage, with variable APR.
  2. The fixed mortgage of Zaemus , has a fixed interest throughout the refund of the installments and currently that interest is of the TAE 2.51% and TIN 1.85 TIN. The TIN is the fixed percentage that will be paid for that loan.
  3. They also have the Zaemus variable mortgage , in which all the installments depend on the EURIBOR and the percentage that they add.

A part of all this type of mortgages, then they have adapted solutions, such as mortgages for officials or mortgages for people with low incomes .

Opinions of Zaemus.

Comparing the opinions of Zaemus, with other types of companies in the financial industry, we can see how the negotiations are more favorable and the costs of not returning a loan, are not that high, as for example in the case of many private equity financiers .


If you have sufficient requirements, such as to approve a loan in Zaemus , it is advisable to use this type of bank with such stability and solvency level, since negotiations in the case of defaults are also more favorable.

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