The best mid-range phones

Surely many times you’ve tried to find a good mobile and it does not cost you a million. You are looking for a smartphone that has the technical specifications of the moment, but not that it is a mobile cucumber of 700 euros. Now that we have the well deserved extra summer pay, you can take advantage of buying a mid-range mobile that carries all the latest. We bring you two options.

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Sony Xperia Z5

This new Sony mobile promises a lot. It has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory expandable up to 200 GB with a microSD card. 200 GB is amazing! You will not have space problem in the mobile.

The processor that carries is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 8-core and 64-bit and its screen reaches 5.2 inches full HD. It’s a little bigger than the 5-inch smartphones we’re used to seeing.

The cameras are 23 megapixels the rear and 5 megapixels the front. Apart from being able to take pictures with 23 megapixels , you can record videos in 4K that will be saved in a 200 GB memory. Sony also ensures that your camera focuses in 0.03 seconds.

It is resistant to water and dust, although this mobile is more prepared to stand in fresh water than in salt water.

It also includes a fingerprint sensor for the power button that detects which person is accessing the mobile. In this way, if someone takes your mobile phone you will not be able to access your user, but they will enter yours and you will not be able to see anything of what you have saved on your smartphone .

The battery is 2,900 mAh and is not removable.

You can find it in amazon for 423 euros.

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The Chinese telephone company brings us a versatile phone with good benefits. It comes with a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory expandable up to 128 GB with a microSD card.

Its processor is the same as the Sony Xperia Z5, ie a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 8-core and 64-bit, which for day to day responds very well and has good speed when switching screens.

Its cameras are 20 megapixels the rear and 4 megapixels the front with a good focus and double flash led.

The screen is 5 inches integrated in a 2,840 mAh battery.

The best is its price: For 410 euros it can be yours.

If you have been captivated by one of these two smartphones , what are you waiting for to buy one?

What to keep in mind when buying a mobile phone charger

Nobody wants to run out of battery in the mobile, we get panicked when the battery icon turns red and the load percentage drops by 5%!

To avoid this situation and not get caught suddenly, the most comfortable is to have several chargers, always ready : one at home, another at work, a spare … It can also happen that you have lost what you had or that spoiled and you have to buy a new one. Choosing it is not an easy task, that is why in this post we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you to guess with your new accessory.

There are several aspects to keep in mind when buying a new charger for your mobile phone. The first one seems obvious, but remember the phrase ” cheap is expensive “. Many users tend to acquire chargers of unknown brands, which imitate the officers, to save a few euros. Tremendous mistake! We’ll explain why:

Acquiring a mobile phone that we do not have references to or that is excessively cheap may mean that it is not respecting the minimum quality standards . This may mean that it does not load correctly or that it simply does not work. Therefore, whenever you can, get a charger from a known brand or, if possible, from the manufacturer of your mobile phone .

If you decide to get a charger that is not the same as the one that included the manufacturer when you bought your mobile, you have to take into account several things. The first thing is that it is compatible with your phone and has the corresponding connection plug . For example, for the latest iPhone models you need a Lightning connector, while for most Android devices you will need a microUSB connector.

Once you know what kind of charger you need, keep in mind that not all are the same. For example, you should pay attention to the type of USB cable that comes with it. They are basic things: look at the quality of the material with which it has been manufactured, its diameter (better if it is more robust) and also its length , since at least it should be a minimum long so you do not have problems and can use the phone comfortably when connected to the mains. This way you will avoid entanglements and jerks!

Also pay attention to the way of loading . The normal thing is that the USB cable is connected to a transformer or plug that you can connect to the power. You should also be able to connect it to another device, such as a computer, or to a charging cradle to place the phone on it and recharge it automatically .

Pay attention to the charging capacity and voltage of the charger

There are other technical aspects that also have to be taken into account and that usually go unnoticed by most users, such as the current capacity of the charger. It should be at least the same as the phone , so that it is fully charged. If it is smaller, the duration of the charge will be much longer and, in addition, it will cause the terminal to overheat.

How to know what is the load capacity of the mobile? Very easy, you just have to look at your phone’s battery , as it is usually printed on it. If your phone does not have a removable battery, as with iPhones , you will have to resort to the Internet or to the original charger of the phone, where the amperage is indicated. If for example that of your mobile is 2.0A, you will have to get a charger of the same amperage or higher.

You must also take into account the output voltage of the charger since if the voltage is greater than the one that supports your mobile you could end up damaging your battery . To know the voltage you must use the original charger (or if you do not already have it, look on the Internet) and see the information indicated on the label or recorded on it. In the section “Output” the voltage is indicated, which is usually 5V as standard value. When buying a new charger always respect this figure and try not to exceed it in excess because it would end up damaging the battery of your mobile.

That you had never taken into account aspects such as the voltage or amperage of your mobile phone charger? Do not worry, they are unknown to most users, but thanks to this post now you should have it clear.

Slow mobile? Write down these tricks!

Sooner or later it happens, the mobile starts to slow down, you think about it when you open an application, it gets too hot and ignores it. And few things are more frustrating than a slow mobile .

But do not worry, because with these tricks we’re going to help you so that your mobile phone, which is now slow, is as good as new and you do not have to buy another one. We can not promise miracles, but some “tricks” that really work.

And, as always, everything is very simple.

Image result for lite applications

1. Use lite and progressive applications

Sometimes in reality, it’s not the phone, it’s the apps .

Most of the most used applications are also very demanding in resources and make the mobile slow. And yes, we are talking about apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, among others.

To fix it, instead of using the official applications, use other lite versions that are lighter .

For Facebook you have the official Facebook Lite application, which you can download for Android here . It occupies much less, it goes faster and does not demand the enormous resources of the traditional application.

For Instagram, you also have a much lighter lite application, but it is not available in our country. However, you do not have to resign. For that, you can use the web directly, which is very simple:

Open your mobile browser and go to the Instagram page.

If not, open the browser menu (the 3 points at the top right) and look for an option called «Add to home screen». If you do, an Instagram icon will appear on your phone as one more application. By clicking on it you can use it, see Stories and others without having the application installed.

If you have Twitter, we recommend Twidere, which you can download for Android for free here and it’s lighter, ideal for a slow mobile.

Finally, if you use Chrome as a browser, you should know that it also uses a lot of resources. Uninstall and use the browser that comes with your mobile, or use Via browser, which you can download here for Android. It occupies only half a mega, it goes like a thunderbolt and even saves data.

2. Clean the cache often

One of the reasons for having a slow mobile is that the storage becomes full. Therefore, it is a good habit to clean the cache . That is, the unusable and temporary files that accumulate when you browse and use applications.

There are apps that do it for you, but of course, they also take up space, and some make you have a slower phone, instead of speeding it up. Therefore, it is best to do it manually .

It is very simple, and you just have to follow the instructions that we already gave you to erase the cache of your mobile .

3. Uninstall everything you do not use

It also happens to us, we have a lot of applications that we have installed and hardly use. It is important to free space by uninstalling them .

Check out what you have not used in the last month and keep in mind that you can always reinstall them in a few minutes if you need them.

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4. Do not use too many widgets on the screen

If you are one of those who have many widgets, with WhatsApp messages, the calendar and others, know that they consume resources.

If you have a slow mobile, the ideal is to leave only those that are strictly necessary.

5. Restart from time to time

We restart the mobile less than we should. The mobile is a small computer and, as you know, many problems are solved by switching off and on.

Do the same with your mobile, clean the cache, end processes that are occupying resources and also give a break and a boost to a slow mobile.

The drastic option for a mobile too slow is to go further and do a factory reset . This leaves the phone as you received it when you bought it, but of course, you will have to install everything you need again, although it may be a good time to start from scratch.

As you can see, you do not have to throw away or change a slow mobile. These 5 tricks work, and they are very easy.

Chinese mobiles for less than 100 euros

Today, having a good mobile does not mean having to spend half of your salary to pay for it. Thanks to Chinese phones, you can have a good, nice and cheap phone for less than what it costs to buy the latest Nike shoes.

Last year the Chinese mobiles were a boom! They competed directly with important brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. But, what we like the most about Chinese mobile phones is that they are powerful, cheap, and free! This way, you will not have any problem when using your Lowi card.

We propose two phones that we liked and that you will not have a kidney to pay for it, because both are sold for less than 100 euros. A mobile for that price yes that’s cool!

Image result for Doogee

Doogee X5, a good quality-price option

We know that you are all day hooked on WhatsApp and Facebook, that’s why the Doogee X5 mobile can be your best option. It is enough to do the tasks of day to day and its price is very low. You can find it for only 60 euros, what a bargain!

This phone has nothing to envy to other mid-range phones. Its screen is 5 inches with an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. In addition, you will not have problems when it comes to storing your music and your photos. Its internal memory is 8 GB, so you can have all the discography of Manolo Escobar and still have space. In addition, it has 1 GB of RAM, perfect for viewing HD videos fluently and without cuts. Your operating system comes with the Android 5.1 version.

With the Doogee X5 you can also make amazing photos when you go route through the field, as it has a 5 megapixel camera and a double LED flash to immortalize camping with friends, even at night. Although if you love it most are the selfies you will be delighted. It has a 2 megapixel front camera. Say goodbye to Instagram filters because you’ll be cute.

If you are one of those who the battery lasts a sigh calm! Its battery is 2200 mAh, that is, you can use it all day without problem. In addition, it also has dual SIM card, so it will be perfect to have your mobile work and the staff in a single terminal.

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Elephone G2, Choose the color you like the most!

Are you a fan of photos and low prices? Then maybe the Elephone G2 is your perfect phone. Its rear camera has 8 megapixels and the front 2. Prepare to make your photos and selfies the envy of the entire neighborhood. By the way, the camera has been manufactured by Sony.

You will also not have problems to save all the photos you want, because its memory is 8 GB expandable by microSD.

The best part is that you will not have to leave half the salary to buy the Elephone G2, because its price is around 80 euros.

If you are one of those who spend the day with mobile in hand talking to friends and gossiping social networks, the Elephone G2 can be your ideal mobile. Its battery is 2300 mAh, so it will last you all day without problem. In addition, this smartphone comes with an anti-theft system that prevents you from using your phone with another SIM if you do not enter an unlock code first.

And if you’re bored with the typical white or black tones for mobile phones, the Elephone G2 is sold with several colors to choose from: yellow, blue or gray.

How about? You no longer have to leave a bunch, nor stay without going for a few months to be able to pay a good phone. Chinese mobiles are a very good option! Yes, watch out for the falls! They do not support blows too well. With care, and a good cover, you’ll get a long life.

If you want to spend a little more money on your Chinese smartphone , visit the entry on the best Chinese phones for less than 200 euros.

Organize your agenda: the best calendar apps

Sure you are the king of the plans: stay with friends, the tasks of the university, the institute or work, birthdays … They are many things in the head. Is it your case? Then you can not miss this article.

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Google Calendar: The best calendar application for Android

There may be many calendar applications, but if you have an Android phone, the best one is Google Calendar . In fact, it is light years away from the rest. Why? For the excellent integration with the rest of your phone and, above all, with the Google Assistant .

The power to take out your mobile and say: «Ok, Google. Remind me that tomorrow at four in the afternoon I have an appointment with the dentist, “and that it appears on your calendar automatically, it is priceless.

In addition, the best calendar applications will conveniently remind you of that appointment , you can modify it and, in general, you will have your whole life organized.

In terms of design, it has improved a lot over time and can include reminders and events of all kinds. In addition, Google has also renewed its task application. Although it is not fully integrated with the mobile calendar application, it is to be expected that it will soon do so and that it will improve the benefits even more.

For the most advanced users, it is also the best option . The possibility of sharing the calendar with others and working together is very valuable.

Do not you have those applications already installed on your Android mobile? Download the Google calendar here and the Google Assistant here .

Calendar of iOS and Google Calendar, the best calendar applications for the iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the standard calendar application it brings is usually good enough for most. Being integrated with Siri gives you power similar to that of Google Calendar on Android.

However, Google Calendar on iOS is the answer again when it comes to advanced calendar applications . If you install the Google Assistant for your iPhone, you will again have all the power of the “big G”, even if Siri is a bit jealous …

Download the Google Assistant for your free iPhone here and Google Calendar here .

Outlook, the best alternative in Android calendar applications

Google Calendar does not convince you at all? Do you use Microsoft applications a lot for work? Then the Outlook mobile application is what you are looking for .

Undoubtedly, this is the second best calendar application for Android, although in reality it is a global application that integrates email with appointments, among others.

Some time ago, Microsoft bought Sunrise Calendar, the only calendar application that could overshadow Google Calendar. Integrated with Outlook now, it offers a very good experience.

Image result for calendar appAwesome Calendar, a good alternative for iOS

If, for whatever reason, the official Calendar or Google Calendar application does not just convince you, you have Awesome Calendar for iOS.

It is an intuitive calendar application that can synchronize your Google calendars, Outlook , etc. That makes it a good alternative to other calendar applications.

You can download Awesome Calendar here .

You already know everything to be the king of the organization: important dates, birthdays, meetings … With these apps you will not even miss one!

These are the worst viruses that threaten your Android

There are billions of mobile phones in the world, many more than computers, and most are Android . Therefore, it is not surprising that Android viruses are the new great threat, because their creators have seen that they are the most juicy target.

There are Android viruses that hijack the phone, which they use to fill it with advertisements and earn money or even to remotely spy on what we do.

That’s why today we’re going to show you some of the worst that threaten your phone. Let’s hope your cell phone does not show signs of being infected!

Dvmap, the virus from which it is almost impossible to escape

Dvmap is an Android virus that, according to the security company Kasperski , may have infected many mobile phones and not know it. Why? Because Dvmap can hide from Google’s defense and cleanup systems, which are very difficult to detect.

By now, some 50,000 infected telephones have been reported, but it is very difficult to know the real number, since the virus hides until it is needed.

This virus can silently install software whenever you want. For example to spy what you do, or for your phone to be used without you knowing it in computer attacks.

Currently, the only way to get rid of the virus is to completely format the system partition.

The Judy Virus, more than 36 million infected phones

This Android virus is one of the most widespread and was hidden in a series of casual games of cooking and fashion, whose protagonist was called Judy, so the name was taken from there.

What this virus does is use the phone to click on Google ads, providing revenue to the attacker.

Fortunately, although it is one of the most widespread, for Spain it has not had much impact, but it teaches us something important: beware of downloads , even in the Google Play store.

FalseGuide, the Android virus that your mobile can use for computer attacks

FalseGuide is the name of a malware that has been hidden during 2016 and 2017 in applications of the Google Play store that were guides for other Android games.

Once infected, the virus can not be removed from the phone and, normally, those affected are bombarded with ads. So, if suddenly you start to appear advertising all the time on your mobile, you can be FalseGuide or a similar virus.

But not only does it do that, you can download additional programs and, depending on the objectives of the hackers, your phone can help to make computer attacks of denial of service, for example, or penetration in private networks.

The clones of Apps and game guides, a source of viruses

It is normal that when an App is successful, start to come out clones, especially games. The same goes for the guides of those games when they become very popular.

As with FalseGuide, a Pokemon Go game guide infected half a million phones, stealing personal information.

So, be very careful with clones, guides and, above all, download them from stores and websites that are not the Google Play store .

We have already seen that even the official store does not protect against all dangers, so we will not make it worse with downloads of dubious origin.

Some general tips to avoid Android virus

The best way to avoid problems with Android viruses is to get rid of the habit of downloading files, games and applications from untrustworthy sites.

Those full game applications that are out there to not pay the couple of euros worth the original? Possibly they come with a virus.

Also, beware of visiting dubious sites with your phone , which can inject malicious code or start downloading something you accept without much notice.

Finally, have installed an antivirus to have a more protective barrier and, above all, have updated your applications and your Android system .

Certain viruses, such as the famous Godless a couple of years ago, affect old versions of Android. Update installs bug fixes and security that will vaccinate us against viruses and malware .

So here you have them, the most dangerous Android viruses that, as we see, once they get in, they are very difficult to remove, so it is best not to allow entry by taking precautions.

Stream: your favorite video games!

If you’re a gamer , sit down and read what we have to tell you. Here it goes: a new revolution in the world of video games is about to arrive, it’s called Project Stream and it can change everything …

It’s not the first time you’ve heard something like that, but behind the initiative is the almighty Google . The “big G” has already changed the way we look, interact with the phone or move with your maps, now, wants to enter the field of video games.

Do not miss any detail of this article, because what they are preparing is very cool.

What is Project Stream

Project Stream is a Google project that will allow you to play your favorite games from your Chrome browser . And we’re not talking about simple web games, but titles like Assasin’s Creed , for example, and other famous titles, which until now were reserved for consoles and powerful PCs.

With Project Stream, you will be able to play wherever you have a Chrome browser and a good Internet connection (at least 25 Mbps, so you can rest assured, because at Lowi we give you twice as much).

In fact, they promise total quality, that is, Full HD (1080p) and a framerate of 60 frames per second. Watch this video with which Google has announced the project and hallucinates.


How is it possible? Right now we tell you.

How Project Stream works

The code name of the project already reveals how it works, streaming the video game through the Internet . That is, you do not need a super powerful computer, but you connect with one, that executes the game and receives your movements over the Internet.

What does this mean? Well that is a kind of Netflix. Streaming is the next revolution in videogames and Project Stream wants to be the spearhead.

So, instead of needing a huge desktop PC, with a special graphics card and a noise of fans as if to take off, you only need a computer that moves the video well in full HD and a good connection to the network.

When will Project Stream be available?

The first tests began on October 5 and, in fact, if you are in the United States, you can register on their official website to try. If you’re out, it’s a shame, but you’ll receive this message:

For starters, they will try nothing less than with Assasin’s Creed Odyssey , as they have allied with Ubisoft to start big.

This can change the way we play, in the same way that Netflix changed the way we watch TV and series. A big change in video games is coming!

It is clear, Project Stream wants to overcome certain challenges. We all know how important it is not to have lag , or delay, when playing, because a few milliseconds can make all the difference. From Google, however, they say they are doing everything possible and the goal is that there is no delay and everything flows smoothly.

If they succeed, and taking into account the video before, you can change everything. From the PC that is needed to play, to the way of consuming video games.

But that was not all. This change in the consumption of video games will make new games more accessible to a new audience, who can not spend money on powerful machines just for gamers, or who does not want to be continuously updating their equipment. Therefore, you can forget if the game has come out for Play, Windows or Xbox, you only need to be able to run Google Chrome. MAGIC!

That’s right, gamers, Project Stream can completely change the way you play so far!

What is Pokémon Quest?

The family grows with Pokémon Quest, the last game that has reached the Nintendo Switch and our phones. Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and the others come back to give us a lot of hours of fun in this RPG.

We talked to you recently about the evolution of Pokémon Go !, and today we tell you all the details of the new Pokémon Quest, which you can download for free for Android here and for iOS here . What are you waiting for to make you all?

Related image

Welcome to Rodacubo Island

Pokemon Quest is an RPG, with a nice Cubist and retro aesthetic, very colorful as usual and reminiscent of Japanese classic RPGs. In this case, our scenario is Isla Rodacubo, where we will begin our adventure by choosing the initial pokémon that will accompany us.

Choose it very well, because it will be the one that begins to fight with other pokémon that inhabit the island and, according to which we select, it will have some combat abilities or others.

The mechanics of this game is super simple! As always in the saga, the goal of Pokémon Quest is to catch new pokémon , evolving the ones you have to make them more powerful and trying to capture or attract the most rare and legendary specimens.

For this, we will go through scenarios of the island where our initial pokémon will overcome waves of enemies, until facing a more powerful pokémon. Those enemies will give us ingredients and Stones P of power.

When we have more pokémon, they will form a group of up to 3 and we can use their different abilities.

Battles, recipes and stones P

In Pokémon Quest the combat system is very different from other games in the series . During the game, each Pokémon that we have selected will have two attacks. These can be very different, from remote attacks to more defensive movements.

But they are not the only ones, our pokémon can be trained to learn new attacks and, of course, we can evolve them to be more powerful.

That’s where the recipes come in and the P stones, or power stones.

When we eliminate enemies, they will drop ingredients that we can mix to make food recipes. There are common ingredients and other rarer ones. Depending on the mix and the rarity, we will make food dishes that will attract new pokémon , which can also be common, rare or legendary.

In Pokémon Quest we can also evolve those we already have, attracting more of the same species and using Stones P, or Stones of Power.

These stones are obtained, above all, as a reward for having passed a level. They can be equipped in our pokémon and, depending on the type of stone, will improve some characteristics or others , such as health, damage, etc.

Image result for pokemon quest

Cheats for Pokémon

To make progress faster in Pokémon Quest, here are some tricks:

  • Remember to enter every day and complete the deeds. Pokémon Quest provides daily challenges. Some are very easy, so, even if you do not have much time, enter a moment, because a few can be completed very quickly. If not, at least collect the daily reward you get for entering the game.
  • Mix offensive and defensive pokémon in your team. Always choose one with many health points, make “tank” in the group and survive even the toughest bosses.
  • Sharing stones increase the statistics of the team, load at least one pokémon with them so that all the team benefits.
  • Look at the bingo bonus of each Pokémon. There are some specimens that do not look like much at first, but if you activate your bonus bingo (by aligning three P stones in a row) you can make that Pokémon much more powerful than it looked.
  • The color and texture of the recipes influence the pokémon you attract. Many ingredients of a color will attract Pokemon of that color. The texture also influences, so if you want chunky pokémon like Pikachu, use equally soft ingredients.

Pokémon Quest has come with force to our mobiles, giving us new hours and hours of fun in our favorite universe, so you already know: Get everyone!

What is a Malware and how to avoid it?

A malware is a malicious computer program that causes negative effects when executed. These effects can be the theft or deletion of data, the malfunction of the device … The malware covers everything: viruses, spyware , Trojans … etc.

Before, that malware had as victims the computers, especially those that had installed the Windows operating system. Times have changed and today the most affected are mobile phones .

Being aware that we use more mobile than the computer, the creators of malware have focused on writing those destructive programs, especially for Android, although iOS is not saved either, as we will see.

Image result for mobile malware protectionHow to protect yourself from malware : the most important rule

As you know, you, young Jedi of security, the first rule is avoidance. If you avoid exposing yourself to the threat, it can not affect you. To protect yourself from malware , the first recommendation is also that.

Therefore, avoid sites suspected of downloading applications that are not the official store of Google Play or the Apple Store . There are other Android application stores that are safe, but it is best not to gamble.

Of course, pirated sites or complete paid games that are offered for free download, should be avoided at all costs. Along with these programs, malware of all kinds often comes.

As always, in security it is better to use common sense and not to click on links and email attachments that are not completely clear and trustworthy. A lot of malware comes in there.

Does a link smell funny? No problem! Google is our friend, a quick search will confirm our suspicions about what they have sent us or what we have in front of us.

Always update yourself to avoid problems with malware

After avoiding risks, the most important thing is to keep your phone and applications as up-to-date as possible .

This protects you from malware because many malicious programs take advantage of security flaws in older versions. Over time, hackers discover vulnerabilities or errors in an operating system, in the browser or in other applications. In that way, they write malware programs that take advantage of those failures.

Over time, applications and operating system updates correct those errors and the malware can no longer do its job.

In summary: the more updated your mobile is, the more protected.

Image result for antivirusUse an anti-malware antivirus, yes or no?

A Windows computer brings Windows Defender, which is its own malware defense program. If you update your system often, you will not need an external antivirus, because the Defender is quite efficient. But what about your mobile?

The truth is that, although one be careful, and always visit the official Google store to download applications, more than one has been discovered with hidden malware . Google is making more and more efforts to secure its store, but an antivirus of a brand with a good reputation is not a bad idea.

Bitdefender Free is one of the most effective and lightweight. You can download it for Android here . An alternative is Avast, another excellent antivirus that you can download here .

The malware on iOS and Android

What’s wrong with the malware for iPhones? The risk is much lower than in Android, but it exists.

This malware is usually very specific, it only attacks outdated versions of iOS or when entering through installed apps from another site that is not the official store.

We must recognize that Apple is very careful in reviewing each application and that, nowadays, the Apple store is much more secure than the Google Play Store . Therefore, it is more difficult for malware to affect your iPhone, especially if you have it updated, do not visit suspicious sites and do not click on messages that try to phish or have a virus attached.

Malware is a fairly widespread problem, but everything will be under control if you follow these steps: avoidance, update and an antivirus. Browse safely!

What is the emergency contact for?

Having an emergency contact on your mobile phone is essential. Before that contact was used to enter the agenda by putting one or several “A’s” in front of the name.

Thus, they were the first in that agenda and easily knew who to call when that “AAA Juan Pérez” appeared as the first contact, for example.

However, that does not work anymore .

Today we have all kinds of obstacles to access our mobile, such as fingerprint, pattern or PIN (and if this is not your case, we recommend you do so). That way, whoever takes the phone and is not the owner, can not access the contacts and call.

Therefore, you have to configure the emergency contact in another way . Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

What about the mobile emergency contact?

The emergency contact of the mobile is the person to contact in case of emergency and which can be accessed without unlocking the phone.

What is the emergency contact for?

The emergency contact serves many things. If you lose your mobile phone, the person who finds it will be able to notify someone, or they can contact the family of the owner of the phone in case of an accident.

How to specify an emergency contact in Android 7.0 or higher?

Do you have Android? Setting up your emergency contact will depend a lot on your version of the operating system.

If you have a modern phone, with Android 7 Nougat or higher, you can enter emergency contacts, as well as relevant medical information.

You will be able to access that information and contacts that you have specified when you try to make an emergency call. If someone tries, a gray emergency information button appears on the numeric keypad (see the image above).

For that, go to “Settings” and then look for “Users”. Click on yours and the option “Emergency information” will appear on the new screen.

There you will see that you can specify medical information and also a “Contacts” option. Once there, choose «Add contact».

However, this has a problem. Most Android phones are not that updated .

What to do then?

Do not worry, we give you a solution for any Android phone, which will allow you to get out of the way.

Related imageHow to specify an emergency contact on any Android

If you do not have Android version 7.0, you can do the following.

Go to “Settings” and go down to “Security”. Enter there and you will see the option “Message on the lock screen”. If you press, you can write something. If you put, for example: «Emergency:» and then a phone number, whoever takes the phone will know who to call.

Depending on the personalization layer of your mobile, the name of the options may change a bit.

How to specify an emergency contact in a Samsung?

Some very popular phones, such as Samsung, have their own emergency contact system .

For that, open the contacts app. Display the menu on the top right by clicking on the three points and choose: «Groups». Then, click on «ICE: emergency contacts».

Tap “Add” and enter the contact. You save and you already have it.

Now, in the emergency call screen, an icon appears on the left at the bottom, with which you can access the contacts. You also have 4 spaces at the top to add the 4 emergency contacts.

They are gray circles with a cross. If you press, you can add a contact to those shortcuts.

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How to specify an emergency contact on iPhone?

The iPhone has more developed the subject of the emergency contact, being able to also access to possible medical data that it is necessary to know in case of accident.

So, if we are allergic to any medication, or have a medical condition, whoever accesses the mobile will be able to know all this without having to unblock it.

To add an emergency contact on iPhone, follow these steps:

Run the «Health» application on your phone and press the «Medical information» tab.

Now tap on “Edit” and go to “Emergency Contacts”. Press the green cross to add one. If you choose a contact, you can also specify the relationship you have with him.

Now hit OK and it will be saved.

As you can see, it is very easy to add emergency contacts, or at least important information that can be seen in the lock screen of your phone.

That way, if you have an accident or lose your mobile, whoever finds it can notify without needing to unlock the phone or know access codes. So you know, set up your emergency contact now and you can get out of trouble!